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On Call

On Call

Our phone rings and rings here at Dutchess Overhead Doors. The most common call we get? It’s what I call the classic “Poughkeepsie service call.” The homeowner, feeling frantic, calls us for help. Their garage door isn’t closing as it should — even though they are pressing and pressing their LiftMaster remote. Let the problem solving begin…

Dutchess Overhead Doors Oncall

Rather than send someone out on a service call, we usually walk them through the troubleshooting process by phone. That’s because the solution is often simple and one that is more about time and using the process of elimination than the need for an actual repair. The main culprit is usually misaligned LiftMaster photo eyes, a safety feature that prevents the door from closing if it detects an issue. Sometimes, the problem stems from someone cleaning the garage and accidentally bumping into the eyes. Or something as simple as a garbage can or kids toy in the way. Even cobwebs and leaves can cause the device to go into protection mode!

Photo Eye 101

Is your garage door opening as it should? Are your photo eyes misaligned? Always feel free to give us a call. We take pride in our honest, helpful customer service. After all, it’s that level of trust that means you’ll call us back, again and again.

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