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We’re All Ears Designing Garage Doors

We’re All Ears
Designing Garage Doors

You’d be amazed at the many roles we play at a garage door company. We deal with customers all day long and in addition to providing specs, troubleshooting and installing, we also serve as a sounding board. While we don’t hear quite as many stories as the local hairdresser, we are excellent listeners in our own right! People love asking for our advice.


Deciding what garage door suits your home is no small choice. It’s often the very first thing you see when you drive up to your house and, for many people, the main point of entry. It’s also the largest moving object in the household. See? Not so small at all!


The first thing you should consider is what type of design best suits your home. Start with some research…and then research some more. Our website — — is filled with photos of recently completed jobs and has a handy “design a door” program on the homepage. It’s a fun way to try before you buy.

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You can also look through magazines for inspiration, browse pictures online, our Pinterest page or head to manufacturer’s sites. You can even drive around your neighborhood to figure out what style you favor. Do you like raised panel or recessed? Carriage house or modern? Decorative windows or none at all? Then, decide if you want the color to contrast, match your shutters or trim or blend in. It’s perfectly fine to ask questions and seek out assurance when making this decision. Want more guidance? Stop by our showroom (we don’t mind the visit — in fact, we might invite you to have a cup of coffee with us).


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