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The basis of our foundation is combined with six principles we feel have made us who we are today: Hard work, Craftsmanship, Vision, Quality Products, Hands-On Customer Service, and Passion.Hard Work—The entire Dutchess Overhead Doors Garage Door team wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for hard work. We strive day in and day out to provide exceptional service and installation to our customers. Our “whatever it takes attitude” shows in the countless satisfied garage door customers we have throughout the Hudson Valley.Craftsmanship—Our garage door door technicians can be defined as craftsmen. Their attention to detail, knowledge of the garage door application, and “can do attitude” have made it possible for us to go from the unthinkable to the imaginable. Whether it is a new, existing, or customized installation our technicians are by far #1.

Vision—Dutchess believes if you don’t have vision you can’t ultimately satisfy your customers. Our team is capable of communicating with homeowners, architects, builders, and contractors in providing design and technical expertise in the overhead door process. This is the result of their longevity in the garage door industry and natural ability to ultimately meet the needs of our customers. We cater to any application you require.

Quality Products—Relationships with our manufacturers are as important to us as the relationship with our customers. We buy quality and we sell quality. We have worked with the same manufacturers for 10-35 years. This has allowed us to give the best warranties and customer service in the Hudson Valley Garage Door Industry today.

Hands-On Customer Service—We strongly believe that every call should be answered personally by one of our qualified employees who are always ready to serve you. We will always be there to answer your questions from programming a remote, to walking a customer through repairing their safety photo eyes, or to finding the perfect door for your home. We take the time to satisfy you.

Passion—Every employee at Dutchess Overhead Doors has passion for what they do, or they wouldn’t be here. This company is the place for the fighters, the ones that make it happen every day. Success is built on a person’s passion. This has been a main component from the day the owner Dan Madsen started this company. The garage door industry is our passion.

The combination of all of the above has influenced the family as well as the staff at Dutchess Overhead Doors. What separates us from the rest? We believe in ourselves and each other. We make it happen. We care. We listen. We try harder. The Dutchess Overhead Doors garage door experience is considered one of the best in the Hudson Valley.

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