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Winterizing Your Garage Door

Winterizing Your Garage Door

Like it or not, winter is here and in full force! While hibernating may look ultra-appealing, you can make the most of this extra indoor time to take care of tasks that will get your home in good shape for spring. One item to consider adding to your to-do list: winterizing your garage doors. After all, a simple annual check-up can keep doors operating safely and performing well all year long.


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Here are a few tips, courtesy of Dutchess Overhead Doors:

  • Replace your batteries — There are no indicators to signal the end of a battery’s life, so the best time to replace them is before you know you need to. Install a fresh set in your remotes and keypads so no member of the family is left out in the cold.
  • Check the seals — Examine the rubber along the bottom of your garage doors, as well as the sides, and make sure it’s tight with no areas of buckling or deterioration. Rodents or plain old wear and tear can compromise the seal, leading to drafts.
  • Lubricate — Add some oil to each of the moving parts so that the components don’t freeze up, a common occurrence during winter months.
  • Back it up — This time of year, when power outages are more likely, is an ideal time to upgrade to a battery back-up unit, such as those by Liftmaster.
  • Make a call — In need of service? Regular maintenance can help your garage doors work well for many years to come. Have a professional take a look or visit Dutchess Overhead Doors’ parts counter to get what you need and to talk to one of our garage door experts.
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