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Home…Away From Home  Liftmaster Garage Door Apps

Home…Away from Home
Liftmaster Garage Door Apps

I am sitting at my desk when the telephone rings. It’s the technician from the boiler company, stopping by my home for a scheduled service call. He’s in front of my garage door and I ask him to wait a moment.


No, I’m not leaving the office to rush home or taking the day off — that’s so 2009. Instead, I grab my smartphone, load my Liftmaster Garage Door App and slide my pointer finger across the screen to open the door for him.

Many people are unaware of all of the innovative devices on the market or the simple upgrades they can make to compatible operators. You can let the kids in after school, have your washing machine fixed or program your garage door to close automatically behind you after a set number of minutes.


Sound good? We thought so. Call us to see what new technology can do to improve your home life, even if you’re away from home.


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