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Color Us Intrigued Raynor Opti-Finish Overhead Doors

Color Us Intrigued
Raynor Opti-Finish Overhead Doors

Every year, Pantone announces its “Color of the Year” and people stand up and take notice. Suddenly, you see more radiant orchid or tangerine on clothes, home decor items and pretty much everywhere you look. While the bold colors are less often seen on garage doors (though every now and again, a punchy color has been known to pep up a Hudson Valley home or business), it’s nice to know the color you’ve selected will match your look and style.

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When you’ve found just the right shade for your shutters or accent trim, it might be time to call your garage door specialist. That’s right — even if you get creative with your garage door color, we can help. Or perhaps you want the door to blend seamlessly with your home exterior — we can do that too. A program called Raynor OptiFinish allows us to match your favored hue to any of Sherwin Williams‘ 1,500 selections. That’s a whole of options!


Not sure what color feels right for you? For some tips and inspiration or take a look at these different and colorful garage doors we’ve recently installed. Any catch your fancy?

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